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What is a process water sedimentor and how does it work?

Posted by Ontario Glazing Supplies ,2019 Dec 3rd
What is a process water sedimentor and how does it work?

Drilling, polishing, and grinding glass is commonly performed using glass processing machinery that utilize water-based cooling with or without additional coolants. Throughout these processes particles of glass and other contaminants build up in the process water resulting in extended machine corrosion, loss of productivity due to the time and effort required to clean machinery and polished glass panes, and an increase of cost and environmental impact due to the care required to properly dispose of such contaminated waste water.

The Bohle Sedimentor works on the law of sedimentation (see sedimentation and Stoke’s Law) and is a water treatment system that streamlines process water and coolant filtration reducing maintenance and energy costs when compared to traditional industrial centrifugal separators, extending tool life, and significantly improving the quality of glass processing procedures. The versatility of Bohle’s lineup of Sedimentors makes it an ideal choice for:

  • Cleaning water tank(s) feeding one or a series of glass processing machines
  • Daisy chaining or interspersing sedimentors in a product line for water tank cleaning
  • Water tank and fine filtering of main spindle cooling water for water supplied CNC machines
  • Scrape conveyor process water cleansing
  • Cleaning contaminated waste water from coloured ceramic screen printing procedures

Bohle Sedimentor Diagram 2 | OGS - Ontario Glazing Supplies

Bohle sedimentors use an advanced multi-stage process to remove contaminants including glass particles of 5 um or less from coolants and water. This closed-loop system is an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional methods that saves glass cutting, grinding, polishing, and other coolant fed glass processing companies time and money.

How it works

Wastewater is fed down into the tank through a central pipe. Due to the location of the overflow at the top, water flows upward with decreased speed in comparison to intake due to the diameter of the tank. Sediment transport is aided by the strength of water flow upward with approximately 70% of the particles sedimenting due to the density difference (i.e. glass particles being denser than the water). To account for sediment accumulation along the sides of the water tank and fine particles that are carried upwards with the flow of the water ( suspended sediment), Bohle sedimentors employ an automatic flocculation process to further purify contaminated water and reduce build up on the water tank.

Automatic flocculation

Particle build up (commonly referred to as grinding sludge) that accumulates along the inner walls of the water tank and suspended sediment floating within the water column are further reduced by the automatic flocculation process creating almost clear process water.

Bohle Sedimentor Diagram 3 | OGS - Ontario Glazing Supplies

The sixty-minute automatic flocculation process performed by Bohle sedimentors is a six step process, outlined below:

  1. A short blast of air through the valve is exerted to release grinding sludge from the inner walls
  2. Rapid propeller rotations agitate the water, suspended sediment, and grinding slude to form a heterogenous mixture
  3. Propeller speed is reduced
  4. Sedimentation granules (i.e. SediFloc) are automatically dispersed into the tank, binding to suspended sediment (glass particles) and other particulate to form larger “flakes” with a density greater than water.
  5. The propeller is stopped, allowing flakes to settle to the bottom of the tank
  6. The valve is opened, allowing gravitational water pressure to force the flakes into the filter bag.


Suitable for use with a wide array of grinding, drilling and sawing glass equipment, Bohle sedimentors are ideal for removing contaminants from coolants and water. Bohle sedimentors employ an automated, multi-stage process creating a closed-loop and ultra-green cooling system that extends the service life of tools and increases the performance of machinery.

Ontario Glazing Supplies is a proud distributor of Bohle sedimentors and we value the opportunity to work with interested customers to ensure they are getting the machinery and advice they need to create a sustainable, efficient water or coolant filtration setup.

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