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Renting versus Buying: Which is the right option for your business

Posted by Ontario Glazing Supplies ,2019 Jun 19th
Renting versus Buying: Which is the right option for your business

You just got a job that requires you to lift and manipulate heavy pieces of glass, stone or insulated metal panels into place. You know you need a vacuum lifter; how do you decide whether to rent or to buy. Hopefully we can give you some useful tips.

Ontario Glazing Supplies is proud to serve as a major distributor and retailer of below the hook devices. As we seek to ensure industry professionals have the equipment and tools they need to get the job done, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is whether it is better to buy or to rent. In response, we ask a few questions of our own including; will your job take longer than 3 or 4 months, do you have many jobs that require the same machine, do you have the space to store the machine. If you answer yes to these questions, you might be better off looking at buying a machine. There are still some cons to keep in mind when it comes to buying though, so renting, although it may seem expensive may be more convenient.

5 Reasons to Rent vs Buy

1. Get exactly what you need for every single job

If you aren’t going to need the same machine for every single jobsite you work on, renting is the way to go. Even if you will only ever need the MRT4 Original Edition there is a chance you will need different pads or attachments. Having to purchase all the additional equipment for the vacuum lifter is not only an added expense but something else to maintain and store. If renting is a viable option for your business, you can easily avoid this and know that the attachments are all readily available.

2. Avoid the cost of repairs, maintenance, and safety certification

One of the biggest downsides of owning your own vacuum lifter is the added cost of having the machine repaired, maintained and certified once a year. While we offer these services, they can be costly and mean you will be without a machine for as long as it takes to repair, or you will need to rent in the meantime anyway. In addition to repairs the machine will undoubtedly need, the pads must also be replaced at a minimum every 5 years but should be done as soon as they start to become smooth. Not only does the machine cost you while you are using it (repairs and so on), but when you are finished with the machine you will also have the added cost of selling or disposing of the vacuum lifter.

3. Avoid becoming stuck with an obsolete product when a new one is released

The worst feeling is purchasing a new piece of equipment just to have it become obsolete the next year when the newer model comes out. With renting you are always able to get the machine best suited to your job, old or new.

4. Have peace of mind knowing the machine is well maintained and ready to perform

All the machines we stock for rentals are routinely inspected and certified. They are maintained and stored in heavy-duty containers to avoid damage. The pads are frequently changed to ensure they are not dried out and will function optimally. We test for leaks and do a full inspection after each rental to ensure everything is always in working order, this basically re-certifies the machine every single time it is returned from a rental.

5. Eliminate the need for excess storage space

Another big problem with owning a machine is storing it. These machines are very heavy and hard to maneuver. They need to be stored in containers, in clean and out of the way areas to ensure they are maintained. They can take up quite a bit of space that many businesses just don’t have. There is nothing worse than constantly tripping over something in the shop, not only is it a safety hazard (and really bad for your machine) but it makes being productive that much harder.

We hope that this blog is helpful in determining which option is best for you. At the end of the day it really is a numbers game. If you are going to be using the same machine constantly it does not make sense to rent, you will spend much less in repairs and maintenance than you will renting a machine for months on end. Manufacturers, for example, often will want to buy. However, if renting is the best option for you, you will find an easy to use rental request form on the current line up of machines we offer here.

As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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