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Welcome to our new website!

Posted by Ontario Glazing Supplies ,2019 May 29th
Welcome to our new website!

After months of planning, we are very excited to be able to direct you to We have designed this website with you in mind, striving to create a user-friendly format in which all our valued customers are able to easily find the information needed to source reputable products for the glass, insulated metal panel, and stone industries. We recognize that you, our customers, are the reason for our success, and are committed to listening, responding, and adapting to your needs.

Our line up of products is constantly being updated to reflect customer feedback and to suit changes in the industry. We are always working to address new trends in the industry and welcome any and all inquiries. We recognize that this can be a very dynamic industry and are always eager and excited to work with our customers to come up with new and innovative solutions to problems that may arise on the job site. We value customer service, innovation, reliability, and respect above all else and try to project this through every interaction we have.

To show our commitment to innovation and customer service we have established ‘Find a Contractor’ and ‘Find a Part’ sections on the OGS website. The ‘Find a Contractor’ section was developed to recognize quality craftmanship by promoting companies who have a proven track record of providing quality customer service and results at competitive prices. This page of our website features service specific categories in order to simplify your task of finding a contractor. Each profile on the page is equipped with a description, social media links, and a company contact form for you to conveniently reach your chosen contractor directly from the OGS website.

The ‘Find a Part’ section of our website was designed to simplify the search and purchasing experience while looking for window hardware. This tool was designed to bridge the gap between the terms we often use to describe the parts we need, and the names used by the industry. For example, a manufacturer might name a part, ‘4-1/2” sill mount casement window dyad operator’, while in normal conversation we might call it a ‘window crank’ or ‘the thing I turn to open my window’. Our ‘Find a Part’ option allows you to submit photos of the hardware you are looking for, along with any other details about the piece. We then take care of the search for you and get back to you with what you need.

We hope you find the website easy to operate and convenient for placing orders. If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns contact us right away.


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